Course Description

Most runners “just run” and end up plateauing or, even worse, injured on the sideline.

Most runners don't use systems to promote health and consistent speed. They may do a long run here, a random interval workout there, maybe (or maybe not) a visit to the gym, or do an arbitrary training they read in a magazine without putting it all together. But there’s no cohesion to their training. They just…run.

Random training will always result in random results and most likely, an injured and frustrated runner.

That might sound familiar to you...

The Balanced Athlete provides a runner-specific strength training and runner-specific yoga program specifically designed to help you achieve maximum performance in your running all while keeping you injury-free.

As runners, we have specific needs that must be addressed. If we do random boot camp workouts or the casual CrossFit WOD (workout of the day), we're not being specific to our sport.

When we DO get specific, the results are incredible!

"Kristi entered my life at the beginning of my running journey four years ago. Having only run a 5k, I was not mentally or physically prepared to tackle any longer distance races. Kristi made my training challenging, but incredibly fun, and I am so grateful for her consistent, positive feedback and encouragement. She helped discover the athlete in me I never knew, and I'm proud to say I ran my first marathon exactly one year after my first ever 5k! I own much of that success to Kristi. She retrained my attitude, while I retrained my body. Thank you, Kristi, for the expertise, patience, and genuine kindness you bring to your coaching everyday. You are simply the best, and your passion for running is absolutely contagious!" - Karen M.

"Kristi is not only an amazing trainer but a truly beautiful person inside and out. She is authentic, empathetic, hardcore, and inspirational - a combination that is so rare to find in a single individual. I am far from a marathon runner, but she reminded me the importance of believing in myself and helped me run an 8K in 4 weeks." - Nicole B.

"Kristi brought an enthusiasm and electricity to running workouts that I have never felt before and not felt since she moved. I still miss running bleachers and intervals with her and the running group. She made me feel like I could do anything. She made me smile while doing the hard work. I improved dramatically, and more importantly I grew to love the sport even more." -Barrett C.

Distance Running Coach & Yoga Instructor

Kristi Walthall

My mission is simple: To positively influence the lives of others through running and inspire others to maintain a healthy outlook on life. CertificationsCertified RRCA Running Coach, Certified RYS 200 Yoga Instructor (In-Progress @ Core Power Yoga), Certified Personal & Fitness Trainer (ISSA) , Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Zumba Certified InstructorWhen I first started running I couldn’t make it one lap around the track without stopping and gasping for air. As I was getting better and better, I wondered what is it that distinguishes the very best runners from the adequate runners? I decided to dive in and learn the mental skills and training programs to push through and be the best that I physically could be.My ultimate goal was to be fast – not just faster than the person next to me, but the fastest I humanly knew was possible for me. I loved being able to push myself to reach new personal goals as I tested the limits of my physical and mental strength.I also wanted to look good, feel good and have high energy all day long. I knew that I wasn’t getting any younger and was starting to see gradual declines in my body & health.I found that running made me feel AMAZING…physically, mentally, all the things and so much more! Best of all, I was able to throw calorie counting out the window and ended up with a smaller waist than I had in high school as a result!I followed random training programs to start and it worked for a short time, but then I plateaued. I started to wonder, is this the limit? Is this the best that it gets? Is this as fast as I can be and as far as I can go?I began to study and research everything I could get my hands on. I became a certified running coach and learned training techniques/regimes, running form, proper fueling, hydration, shoe progression, equipment, nutrition and on and on it goes.I learned that yes, all this matters, butWHAT REALLY MATTERS THE MOST IS HAVING THE RIGHT TRAINING PROGRAM AT THE RIGHT TIME.The program that can show you exactly how far to push your body, to know when you can push it even harder and to know when you can back off.I also learned quickly that when I hit a so-called limit, it wasn’t my body that limited me – it was my mind. There was this little voice in my head that said, “I can’t do it." As soon as I gave it any kind of authority, I was sunk. I found that having support & accountability made that mental hurdle so much easier to get over.Most of us just run however we feel that day. We get stuck in a rut, doing the same routes, runs and routines week after week. You aren’t going to see significant gains, if any, following this routine. This was me. I started to plateau. I knew I needed a shake-up and change in my routine. I learned all about the frequency, duration, intensity, timing, and motivation required to keep improving and achieve my personal goals.My goal is to help runners show up every day as the best version of themselves both physically and mentally – however that may look. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of program. The Balanced Athlete can be tailored to your specific running and fitness goals. We are all on our own journey and I value the importance of finding what’s right for you and meeting you where you’re at. The program will change on a monthly basis to fit your specific needs. We’re in this together!

Course curriculum

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    The Runner's "Must Do" Workout (that you can do anywhere!)

    • Video of Exercises

    • Printable Workout

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    Balanced Athlete Yoga: Running Efficiency Boost

    • Workout Video

    • Printable Yoga Workout